We probably agree that being a legitimate gentleman demands the ability to debate and discuss many different matters, which are not always tied to conducting business. Today, I am going to share with you a piece of knowledge that will provide you with an opportunity to present yourself as a non-materialistic and educated person during the Thanksgiving dinner.

The term “Black Friday” was first used to describe the crash of US gold market back on 24th of September, 1869, which has nothing to do with the shopping spree. Every year the Black Friday becomes more popular world-wide, more people question themselves about why exactly it is called “the Black Friday”. Well, a couple explanations exist, but only one authentic.

Some believe that it is called this way because business went from red numbers (depicting net lose in accounting) to black ones (depicting net profit) on this day. Others believe that the Southern plantation owners could purchase slaves at a lower price the day after Thanksgiving. However, both explanations have proven to have no factual basis and are now declared as myths.

The truth behind the term “Black Friday” is that it was used to illustrate the chaos that took over the city of Philadelphia when the annual Navy vs. Army football game took place the first day after Thanksgiving. But why Black, you ask? Because the term was originally used by the policemen, who had to work each year to control hordes of festive visitors from the city and its suburbs.

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