NV Holders

Our story has begun in 2014, when our founder, Nik Vene was constantly stressed out because of his shirt. He had to constantly re-tuck it; when he stretched, kneeled or sat. After checking what market has to offer, he has decided to develop something new. On this point, the first T-Holder was born. In 2016 we have prepared our first Kickstarter campaign, which was more than successful. We have raised more than $58 000 and welcomed more than 1800 new Gentlemen in our NV family. Furthermore, our business has continued on the web store. The most important part of our business are our customers. We have constantly been asking them how satisfied they are with the product, what would they change, how would they make it better. And we good pretty good answers! Not only that we are daily receiving a lot of positive feedbacks, but also we were so happy to receive some suggestions for improvements. Depending on that, we have been developing a new version of the T-Holder, S-Holder, for 5 months! We really wanted to create a product, which will be beautifully designed, more than comfortable and extremely useful!


After that, we have launched the second Kickstarter campaign, which was again more than successful. In the mean time, we have already closed the deals with distributors all around the world, make our team bigger for 2 graphic designers, 5 dressmakers, one logo-printer and an accountant. Together with CEO we are an amazing team which works hard every day, to make you satisfied. Our mission is to improve Gentlemen’s life with our products. That is the most important part of our business. It is very nice to sell a huge amount of products, but it is much more important that the customers are more than happy with them.


We have already started developing new products in our collection, which will be something special, something new, something beautiful and something useful. We want to become a worldwide known brand, which will be appreciated as high quality brand for people, who care what they are wearing and how do they look like.