In fact, they are not so little

Dear Gentlemen,

Due to our belief that best knowledge is the one shared amongst like-minded enthusiasts, we decided to create a blog to serve the purpose education and inspiration about the true Gentleman’s lifestyle. It will cover two main areas:

  1. Gentleman’s lifestyle – Here you will be able to explore the habits, routines and manners of a true gentleman. To spice things up, we will also feature products that we believe will inspire your daily grind.
  2. Monthly updates about our company, NV Holders – here you will be able to find honest information about our growth, development and goals for the future. You will also be able to get some additional insight into our network of distributors and our expanding team.


Have you ever wondered why you perceive people on the opposite side of the business table differently – like why do you indulge one’s words passionately & become overwhelmingly bored by someone else’s? Is it just their pedigree? The way they speak, gesticulate or look? Well, we believe it comes down to a unique puzzle of little –if not tiny – things that build up the big picture. Let us deliver a couple examples.



A unique cocktail of attributes and flaws each of us possesses could profoundly determine our sense of the person we are making business with. It is the merger of our genome’s expression (inheritable characteristics) and the way it was shaped by our surroundings, mostly through experiences. Some people click with each other right away and some don’t. What can we do about it? Absolutely nothing. And the most crucial little thing about it? An honest display of what & who you are. Artificially trying to spark with someone will make it worse. And don’t forget! Business always was – and always will be – about benefits two people can exchange, for which no appeal is needed.




This may sound a bit “old-school” for some of you, but we find it extraordinarily classy. They can be recognized through a thousand and one little things, arising mostly from experiences. Showing up well prepped & on time is a good illustration. Paying respect by being dressed accordingly, demonstrating focus by muting your cellphone, taking care of the bill while visiting the restroom & sending a meeting review or a thank you note afterwards, are as well components of a great personal etiquette. Don’t make differences and you should do just fine, as long as you are a gentleman!





Presenting a view or expressing a requirement, you will have a much greater chance of hitting the fertile grounds, if you become a master of three little things: listening, speaking and spicing it up with the body language. A coordinated collision of these three will make you an ocean of information everyone wants to dive in. Some people are born presenters, but the less fortunate ones would prefer spitting out the facts while irrationally starring at the ground. If that sounds familiar, you must devote yourself to reading communicational books and listening to online classes. Believe us, there’s hope for everyone.



Even though a great majority of entrepreneurs claim that “it’s not all about the looks”, they secretly dedicate quite a portion of attention to their visual appearance. That’s the case because they are well aware of the fact that appearance is the first reflection of one’s business personality. In our humble opinion, the little thing that counts the most is the overall tidiness, identified through an ironed and clean suit, a decent haircut and clipped nails. Not only does our sleek appearance arouse positive emotions from others, it serves as a serious confidence booster, which is mirrored in our behavior. Let us provide a simple example.

You are sitting in your office, nervously going through what you’ll say when an executive of a partner company is going to walk in. Your secretary gives you a heads-up and the next second the door opens. You stand up from behind your desk, wanting to shake his hand. Sadly, you find your shirt ridiculously slipping out of your trousers, making you look unprepped and disorganized. In a moment of clumsiness, you awkwardly blush and boom: the confidence for negotiating a better deal is gone!

If your business clothing arsenal was equipped with a S-Holder, you could have avoided this situation carelessly, just like Fernando did:

…”I would always wear any top mostly outside and would spend all day fixing it was a headache. I really like the look of a shirt tucked in makes you look fresh, clean and well just more presentable. And thanks to these bad boys (NV Holders)! I’m able to do that. I don’t have to worry about the shirt coming out on one side or not being neat …Seriously, get a pair or 2,”

You should always keep in mind that you are never the only one who had a specific problem and commonly, if the issue has anything to do with business, it has probably already been dealt with.  Because you know, businessmen know solving an issue is the best way to starting a business.




Hopefully, we have made our point proving how important the little things truly are. No matter at which stage of your career you are, either a CEO or a complete newbie, treat yourself as a puzzle of the 4 components we listed, targeting all of them equally. Consequently, you will become a thorough business person, who is a delight to be around of – and more importantly – to do business with!