Last time, I strived to convince you that behaving like a true professional means a »whole damn lot«, if you want your business venture to be a success. However, following our dreams, hustling from before the sun goes up and not stopping until after it goes down, must not be everything we are.

You see, human beings are not meant to function alone, which is best demonstrated by the well-known »Humans are social animals« saying. Finding someone to come home to, to walk this path by and to share the dreams with, is a common issue of young »careerists« like ourselves.

It really doesn’t matter what attracts you, women, men, or both, you will have to fascinate “the chosen one” into becoming yours (in a cute way, not in the weird possessive one). Even though the modern society seems deaf when it comes to gentleman behavior, that is not quite the case. Maybe it doesn’t enjoy as much interest as it used to, but it still intrigues that kind you people you really want by your side.


There are many ways of arousing attention, but sadly, not all of them work towards the right reaction. Acting like a complete buffoon will not only get you spotted, it will also get you to the “OMG what a douche” zone.

Show sympathy and affection the right way. If there hasn’t been any conversation yet, then you will have to rely on complementing the appearance. Otherwise, people absolutely adore compliments about their character, the way they think, or the sense of humor they have. As long as the compliments are honest, they won’t come out cheesy.


The texting and calling sadly don’t lead to marriage and so the date night awaits. This is when a true gentleman is separated from the fake. To prove you are not the latter, there is a handful of things will have to do:

  1. Pick them up if it is possible and works for them.
  2. Be punctual – don’t come early and especially don’t be late!
  3. The classic: Open doors for them.
  4. Make a reservation. It shows that you have given thought to where you are taking them.
  5. Help them be seated by moving the chair away from the table. If waiting is required (even though you reserved a table) and there is a limited number of chairs, give yours away to them. Because they are a priority.
  6. Never be a “mouthful” and forget the vulgar jokes. They are childish.
  7. Be polite to the staff that serves you.
  8. Be a good listener and pay attention to details (throwback to the blog number 1!)
  9. Keep complimenting. That’s the way you got the attention and that’s the way you’ll keep it.
  10. Arguable one: paying for the meal. Some say it’s a must and some say it isn’t. From where we are standing, it’s a must. That’s why you should adapt your choice of date location to your budget.
  11. Taking them home without the “evil purposes”. If this requires a walk on the cold, offer your jacket!
  12. Thank them for their company and express how you would love doing this again sometime.

All of these should be carried out genuinely without a sense of being force. But c’mon, this is who we are. We’ll be fine…


Because gentlemen are so rare nowadays, it is hard for people to perceive someone this way. Once accomplished, worthy people will rely on you. Not only for doing what you say you will, but also to help them by sharing your opinion or by giving a piece of advice. You know, a gentleman is not only what someone does, it’s what someone is. It requires consistency, confidence and going out of your way for someone on a daily basis. Beware: don’t try fooling someone into believing you are a gentleman, if you, for yourself, know you aren’t. Spare your time and their feelings. Be a gentleman in this way.