Yeah, yeah… I know. I promised to blog a bit more. Not looking for excuses or anything, but if you must know, I was busy as a bee. In fact, all of the NV Holders team members have been working our a**** off. I am well aware that’s not something a gentleman would say, but it’s the most honest description of the current situation. And one must always be honest, right?

You probably already know that we are preparing to launch our third Kickstarter campaign. With the first two being a complete success, we feel obliged to deliver our goods to an even greater number of our loyal supporters. If this does not seem ambitious enough, this is our first campaign that will reach out to all the business ladies out there.

We spent countless hours in our headquarters, carefully analyzing feedbacks and making product adaptations accordingly. Not to forget, we were determined to use only the materials of highest quality. Why? Because dear ladies, you might be surprised, but we actually know how sensitive your skin can be. And also, how perfect you want to look, either dressed or undressed.

Once we recognized that the product is almost completely tailored to your desires (yeah, it’s hard to admit, but you can never satisfy everyone), we began organizing the campaign. Our financial, marketing and PR experiences have spared us plenty of time, which has then been so efficiently consumed by the presentational video.

We were knocking our heads against a wall, because we didn’t want you to feel like you are being sold something. We wanted to create a piece within which you will be able to identify yourself. A piece of content that will show you that we are here to make things straight…oh, sorry, I meant shirts, shirts straight! All kinds of them.

Have we succeeded? Let’s just say that if we’ve done half as good as the W Holders did with the shirts of our test group, we can be more than satisfied. I am often considered to be an unemotional being, but at this point, I feel it’s righteous of me to stress how proud and honored I am to be a part of this devoted team. Watching every single one of you, from the CEO, to the creative team, invest so much time and passion into a vision of making a life of a business lady a little more bearable, inspired me to the moon and back. *Leonardo di Caprio Oscar winning voice* Thank you so very much.
Until next time,